Don't rush back to transition after your race.
We'll pick up your bike and bags (T1 & T2) from transition for you!


Our Valet offering includes retrieving your bike and bags from transition, which allows you to enjoy the night after the race and worry about your stuff in the morning. It's our most popular upgrade when booking fully-assembled transport.

Valet Premium
We Pick-up Your Bike From Transition
We Pick-up T1 & T2 Bags
You Pick Up T1, T2 & Pedals the Next Day
We Send Your Gear Back to Your Partner Shop
Available at Domestic IRONMAN® Races
Full IRONMAN® Only
Requires Fully-Assembled Transport

**Use the link above to book a Valet reservation only. If you are looking to add valet to your fully assembled transport reservation, just add-on valet in the checkout. Click here to start a fully assembled transport order.