Do you love TBT’s Fully Assembled Service, but don’t have a local partner shop?
Then Pack & Ship is for you!

TBT offers Pack & Ship to athletes who live in areas that our trucks just can’t reach so that you can still experience the hassle-free service that you know and love! You’re only responsible for disassembling and boxing your bike to ship. Then reassemble it when it gets home. We’ll handle the rest!
Ship your bike from anywhere in the USA (including Alaska & Hawaii) – use the easy online reservation form to guarantee space for your bike
Drop your disassembled, boxed bike off at your neighborhood FedEx or local partner shop. Or you can ship it from your house!
TBT’s trained staff will receive your bike, rebuild it according to your markings, and have it ready for you to ride for the race.
Bike pick-up is at the on-site TBT corral; at or very near the Expo and transition area.
Post-race, simply wheel your bike back to the TBT corral and they will disassemble, pack it safely, and have it delivered back to the address of your choice.
Enjoy the same service and convenience from TriBike Transport that you’ve come to expect.