THRU’s Proprietary Bike Delivery Service Upgrades Customers’ Experience; Building on 15 Years of Bike Shipping Excellence

Your Bike. There.

THRU’s new flagship “Ready to Roll” service delivers a professionally assembled bike instead of a bike in a box. New bike owners are ready to ride immediately and don’t have the headache of assembling - or finding a bike mechanic to assemble - their new bike for them. Bike manufacturers and mechanics can skip the re-boxing and save time and labor costs while providing an unmatched delivery experience to their customer.Founder Marc Lauzon believes that when a customer invests in a high-end bicycle, the delivery experience should match the quality of the bike. “THRU is the culmination of years of development and refinement. Instead of receiving a giant box that you then have to unpack and find someone to build your bike, you can have your fully assembled bike sent to one of our participating local partner bike shops or have it delivered to your front door. Our delivery tech will walk your bike to you, with every bolt and adjustment untouched since the bike was built by the factory technician. All you need to do is install your pedals, put on a helmet and take it for a spin.” Marc shares, “We’re partnering with major brands in the industry to roll this service out to their customers. They will set themselves apart as they offer their customers a premier and headache-free experience.”

Industry Partners

As a reference, THRU is currently delivering new bikes for American Bicycle Group (Litespeed, Quintana Roo and Obed) from their headquarters in Chattanooga to customers across the US, from Massachusetts to California, in time for the holidays. Marc: “We appreciate the opportunity to work with Peter Hurley and his team at ABG to fine tune our process and complete our first direct-to-consumer deliveries.”With over 15 years of experience shipping fully assembled bicycles safely around the world, THRU (from the team at TriBike Transport) is introducing this new service that not only elevates the customer experience, but also reduces costs for manufacturers and online retailers, while minimizing their environmental impact. The service will be rolled out gradually over the next few months as the required infrastructure is built up.

Ship a Bike, Plant a Tree

Like most cyclists, the THRU team is highly conscious of the impact they have on the environment – and that includes shipping bikes. For every 10,000 bikes shipped in a box, more than 23 tons of cardboard are used. All this packaging consumes more than 385 trees and produces 74 tons of CO2. Every year, hundreds of thousands of bikes are shipped directly to consumers in the US, resulting in thousands of tons of CO2 emissions. THRU takes its responsibility in preserving the planet and protecting the outdoors and cyclists’ future adventures very seriously. Not only will THRU be eliminating a portion of that cardboard with this model, they have also partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every bike shipped. “When you ship a bike with us you will become a tree parent,” said Lauzon. “As your tree matures, it will more than offset the carbon footprint of shipping your bike, not to mention, you’ll be helping to preserve the forests that so many of us enjoy on our rides.”

It Doesn’t Stop There

THRU has also rolled out a second new service that gives cyclists, shippers and retailers that may be outside of THRU’s initial network, a cost-effective way to ship bikes across the country. Get a quote, print a label and schedule a FedEx pickup at in a matter of minutes.

Note About Consumer Shipping

We are currently offering fully assembled bike shipping to manufacturers and resellers, as well as to IRONMAN, USA Triathlon, and other triathlon and cycling events. Please contact us for more information.For consumers, we’re offering bike shipping service in a box that is live now. Ship your bike anywhere using our competitively priced shipping service. Our plan is to offer fully assembled bike delivery to anyone, anywhere, anytime in 2021. Stay tuned!

About THRU

THRU's disruptive approach to bike transport logistics is revolutionizing how the industry and individual cyclists ship their bikes, thereby dramatically improving efficiency and sustainability from current methods. THRU services cyclists as well as business-to-business and after-market, offering solutions to ship bikes and equipment safely and reliably to retailers and buyers. THRU has a long heritage of transporting bikes for athletes through its sister company, TriBike Transport. Its team has earned a reputation for exceptional service since it started business in 2004. For more information and to learn how to ship bikes safely and hassle-free, visit