How To Redefine Your Race Week

TriBike Transport has been redefining the race week experience for triathletes since 2004. With the help of TBT, athletes around the globe have experienced airports without large bike bags, hotel rooms that don't turn into mini bike shops, and finish lines that aren't the start of the second race to get your bike from transition.

Step One: Travel Light. Save room for swag.

Say no to traveling with bike racks or bike cases. And don't hand over your precious steed to TSA or airline handlers just to stress about what condition your bike will be in when you arrive. If you have a doubt, check out Pedro Gomes' experience getting to Chattanooga.

Step Two: You have a job. Don't become a bike mechanic too. (Unless you are one)

Never disassemble your bike. Your fully-assembled bike is onsite when you arrive, exactly how you left it. And if you have any last minute changes before your race, TBT's capable staff will happily assist. No more stressing about rebuilding your bike.

Step Three: Enjoy your post-race beer and pizza! Celebrate your finish without worrying about your bike.

No need to rush back to your hotel room to break down your bike and stuff it in your travel case. Just drop it off at the TBT corral, and we'll deliver it back home to your partner shop. With our Valet service, we'll even grab your bike and race bags out of transition for you. You can completely forget about your bike after crossing the finish line!