Guest Post - 4 Tips for Racing & Training in Cooler Weather

4 Training & Racing Tips For Cooler Fall Weather

As temps start to cool and you’re about to finish out the race season with a final event or two, these are a few good reminders for race day.

Hydration is still a thing!

While your body temp will likely be lower than in the hot summer months, you still need to hydrate! Stick to your race day game plan even if you don’t feel thirsty and the temps aren’t blazing. When you lose water and salt they need to be replaced, it’s that simple.

Sun’s not out? Still, use sunscreen.

Again, the temps are lower, but that sun is still out even on the cloudiest overcast days. Avoid a dreaded sunburn and apply sunscreen just as you would on a summer race day. Make sure you use sunscreen that allows your skin to breathe and sweat. Sweating is essential for allowing your body to self-regulate and avoid overheating. Zealios Sun Barrier SPF 45 sunscreen won’t clog your pores allowing your skin to breathe and freely sweat to regulate your body temperature.

Layer up!

Be prepared for all kinds of fall weather with a light shell, base layer, and gloves. Yeah, at times these seem like overkill, but in the most dire times, they’re the difference between racing comfortably and miserably. Beat mother nature at her own game!

Weather prep.

Take the time to train in the elements you’ll likely be racing in. When you’re headed to a destination race this can be well worth the effort and cost to arrive a few days early. The fall season can bring unexpected weather and you want to make sure you’re comfortable and prepped with all the necessary gear on race day.Good luck out there!