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You’ve come to love the hassle-free service that TriBike Transport provides, but we’re not providing fully-assembled transport from your location? No worries!

We offer Pack & Ship Service that allows you to ship your bike from anywhere in the United States.

Our Pack & Ship service is outlined below. Click on each step to reveal detailed information.

1. You pack and box your bike.

  • You may disassemble and pack your bike independently. Or, you may take it to your local bike shop for packing. For a fee, they may disassemble and pack the bike for you.
  • You may use your own bike box. Or, the bike shop may be able to pack your bike with materials from their new inventory shipments (e.g. card board box and packing materials).
  • Boxes that are oversized may incur a Large Package Surcharge directly from UPS.*
    *Per UPS: "A Large Package Surcharge will be applied to each UPS package when its length plus girth [(2 x width) + (2 x height)] combined exceeds 130 inches (330cm), but does not exceed the maximum UPS size of 165 inches (419cm)."

    Oversized packages are subject to a $57.50 surcharge each way. This means you may be charged $115 for a round-trip Pack & Ship reservation.

    For more information from UPS on oversized packages, please click here.

    For information on how to calculate the size of your box, click here.

2. We coordinate the shipping of your bike.

  • You may ship your bike from your home, your local bike shop, or any location serviced by UPS.*
    *In-bound time varies by event, destination location, and origin location. Please contact Customer Service if you'd like an estimated ship date.
  • After creating your reservation, you'll be sent a Pack & Ship form to provide your personalized shipping information. Our Pack & Ship coordinator will create shipping labels with the addresses that you provide.
  • The price quoted online includes round-trip shipping through UPS.*
    *One-way shipments are possible to most domestic events. Please contact Customer Service for more info.

3. Pick-up your reassembled bike and race!

  • A qualified mechanic will rebuild your bike according to any provided markings.
  • Pick-up your reassembled bike from our specified location and take it to the race course!
  • Experience the same on-site TBT benefits as our fully-assembled events.*
    *Due to logistical concerns and employee allocation, service at Pack & Ship Only events may differ.
  • See your Event Page for specific pick-up location and hours.

4. Return your bike to us after the race.

  • Simply return your bike to us after the race and we'll send it home.
  • A qualified mechanic will disassemble and pack your bike.
  • We'll ship your packed bike to the return address that you provided.
  • See your Event Page for specific return location and hours.

5. Welcome your bike home.

  • Your bike will arrive home via UPS.*
    *Out-bound time varies by event, destination location, and origin location. Please contact Customer Service if you'd like a time estimate.
  • Give your bike a hug and get it ready to ride! Or leave it in the box for a while.

Domestic reservations start at $450.
Over-seas reservations start at $750.

To review the Pack & Ship FAQs, click here.

To make a reservation, click here.




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