In the summer of 2004, triathlete Marc Lauzon was preparing to race IRONMAN® Coeur D’Alene. As part of a group of friends heading from the San Francisco Bay area to Idaho, Marc decided to drive to the race, thus providing easy transit for the group’s bikes. In planning his road trip, an idea occurred to Marc: Why not rent a truck and transport bikes for other area athletes as well? Curious if anyone was interested in such a service, Marc sent an email to a handful of bay area triathlon clubs. To his surprise, more than 60 athletes signed on, trusting Marc and his rented truck to safely deliver their prized bicycles to their pinnacle event.

Soon after, following some market research and business planning, Marc reached out to the World Triathlon Corporation and established an official partnership, with an agreement to transport fully assembled bikes to five IRONMAN® events across North America. The spring of 2005 marked the official launch of TriBike Transport (TBT) at IRONMAN® Arizona, and the business has continued to grow ever since.

TBT now delivers bikes safely and conveniently to more than 100 triathlon and cycling events annually around the world. In 2011 the service expanded from continental North America to include overseas event locations such as Puerto Rico and St Croix.  TBT announced a new partnership with TransBikeMex in 2014 and began shipping bikes for Mexican athletes to many North American events. And now, in 2019, another new partnership began with IRONMAN® Europe and the team at Ship My Tri Bike to launch TriBike Transport Europe (TBT Europe). TBT Europe will bring the same HASSLE-FREE, ECONOMICAL, UNPARALLELED bike transport service to Europe that North American athletes have enjoyed since 2005.

TriBike Transport keeps a vigilant eye on the ever-expanding triathlon market, continually exploring ways in which to enhance our customers’ travel and race experience through our commitment to providing unique and stellar service. We proudly anticipate the transport of our 130,000th bike – safe, sound and fully assembled – in 2019.