Our Values

TriBike Transport takes its responsibility as a community-minded business very seriously. We believe individually and as a community we are responsible for the upkeep and care of this planet and the beings on it. From the way we run our office, to the fuel we burn throughout each race season, to the athletes we serve, we strive to make the most Globally Responsible decisions, and partner with other like-minded companies and communities along the way.

Our Communities

We value our communities, from our age group customers, to our Partner Shops to our employees, and beyond. We strive to offer each of them the best possible experience while working with TBT. That’s why we encourage training and racing by offering complimentary race registration to our employees, discounted and complimentary transport to professionals, teams, coaches, clubs, age groupers, partner shops, our venders and race organizers. We also provide loyalty programs to all customers. We’re proud to employ many triathletes and endurance athletes – new and seasoned – and to work with so many more. Not only is it our wish to inspire all of our communities to set and reach seemingly impossible goals, we are inspired by each of them to work harder, and do better in all our endeavors.

Veterans hold a special place in our hearts, we employ as many as we can and delight in their incredible work ethics and excellent positive attitudes. If you’re a veteran and not employed by TBT, please ask for your discount. We want to support you.

Triathlon Business

Our sponsors, suppliers and race organizers all benefit from discounted or complimentary transport throughout each race season. We believe that if we have it to give, then it should be given.

Giving Back Beyond Our Industry Borders

We support the following organizations’ fundraising efforts by offering discounted or complimentary bike transport to their races of choice. If your organization has a team, or is making other such efforts fundraising for a cause through triathlon and/or cycling events, and would like to partner with TBT, please contact us at info@tribiketransport.com.

IRONMAN® Foundation

USA Triathlon Foundation


Crohn’s Colitis Foundation

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

JDRF – Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation