Are you curious about a partnership with TBT?

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  • Increased traffic of highly qualified customers into your shop
  • Potential for increased sales
  • Comped transport for you and your staff
  • Partnership with one of the premier brands in the Triathlon Industry


“Partnering with TBT has introduced our shop to new customers.  It allows us to improve the shop/customer relationship and even increase service work. We have gained new customers and been able to educate triathletes on the shops’ events and class offerings.”

Brian Hughes, Owner, Fast:Splits

TBT Partner Shop since 2006

“We don’t charge for removing pedals; that’s a simple courtesy and only takes a few seconds. What we do is offer services and merchandise to every TBT customer that walks in the door. These athletes need our help; they may not know what they need, so we offer the gamut, from services to merchandise. If they’re new to us, we turn them into our customers, if not, we solidify our relationship.”

Jay Rosenfeld, Sales Manager, Trek Bicycle Store of Highland Park

TBT Partner Shop since 2009

“Our partnership with TriBike Transport has been a great asset to our business.  Not only does it bring athletes we don’t know (into) our store so we have a chance to interact with a potential customer, it is an excellent opportunity to take care of our current customers and offer an added service to them without actually having a transport business.  TriBike Transport offers a valuable service for triathletes all over the country and we feel being a partner shop enables us to be an extension of that service which keeps athletes coming back to us for all their triathlon needs.”

Staci Brode, Owner, PlayTri

TBT Partner Shop since 2017

To inquire about becoming a Partner Shop with TriBike Transport email us with the following information:

  • Name and location of shop
  • Phone number/email address
  • Name of contact person