Guest Post – 4 Tips for Racing & Training in Cooler Weather

4 Training & Racing Tips For Cooler Fall Weather As temps start to cool and you’re about to finish out the race season with a final event or two, these are a few good reminders for race day. Hydration is still a thing! While your body temp will likely be lower than in the hot […]

Guest Post – The Recovery Run

If you have worked with a coach you may have seen the workout on your training plan that states “Recovery Run, Bike or Swim.” Many athletes seem to be very diligent about keeping their legs spinning and their watts or speed low when doing a recovery bike session or subsequently, with the swim, keeping the […]

Guest Post – Mental Fitness: Goal Setting

Goals are one of the hottest topics discussed in training circles and online forums throughout the triathlon community, but who really knows what they are? There are variety of opinions on what they are and what they mean. A common understanding is that a goal represents the purpose, or objective, towards which an endeavor is […]

Guest Post – 5 Keys to Open Water Swim Success

Don’t just survive your next open water swim. Here’s how to nail your swim when it takes you outside the (chlorinated) box. Transitioning from the pool to the open water is one of the toughest—and most important—lessons a triathlete must learn. Swimming back and forth in the pool, alone or with your fellow Masters swimmers, […]

We’re #1!

In 2015, we began organizing our annual team race for Team TBT. Our team lives and races across the country, and around the world, and after five years of never really getting to know one another, we really wanted an opportunity to bring them all together once a year for fun and a little friendly […]