There and Back Again – A TriBike Tale – IM Augusta Part 4

  After a good night’s sleep, Jordy and I headed to the event to begin getting set up. We were happy to see that we would be set up inside the convention center in the athlete village. It was going to be a hot weekend in Augusta, and to be able to spend the first […]

COVID-19 Update

As uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions and the possibility of event postponements or cancellations increases, I wanted to reach out and let our customers know that as of today, our plans for providing service to events on our schedule remain unchanged. We are in constant communication with our race director partners and we will adapt accordingly […]

There and Back Again – A TriBike Tale – The adventure behind the wheel Part 3

With the bikes returned from Switzerland packed into a myriad of trucks and ready to be returned, I got behind the wheel with my fellow drivers and began the task of returning 534 bikes. My route was the Midwest. I would be looping Indianapolis, three shops in Chicago, dropping the Minnesota and Wisconsin bikes off […]

There and Back Again – A TriBike Tale – Day One Part 1

First of all, I want it known I love your bike. Maybe not as much as you do, but statistically speaking, I’m a lot less likely to pee on it than you are (given basic triathlete behavior and the fact that it’s in the back of a truck). The basic description of what I do is […]