It is hard to believe we are already into April. It seems like just yesterday, we were celebrating New Year's knee deep in snow, and now the snow is giving way to clear roads allowing us to get out and turn the pedals, and the team at TBT is in full swing transporting bikes to races. As we enter 2019, our focus for our 15th year is servicing more races to more places... not only in North America.

As announced earlier in March, this year we are taking our HASSLE-FREE bike shipping to Europe. Now, not only are we the proud Official Bike Transport Partner of IRONMAN® North America, but also for the European series as well.

Our 2019 event calendar is beginning to take shape. We currently have service planned to over 60 races in North America, and nearly 40 for European based athletes. So regardless of which side of the “pond” you are on, you can experience TriBike Transports Hassle-Free, Economical, Unparalleled bike shipping service.

To view our calendar for North America service, click here, and for European serviced races, click here.

Make sure to check back often, because we are adding new events all the time. And stay tuned to our website, as well as our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for all of the latest news.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank you, our customers, for this growth. You’ve supported us, made suggestions, and recommended us over the past 15 years and we are beyond grateful to you for keeping our business growing. Just for your information, you help support 10 admin staff members and their families, and more than 20 drivers and their families in the U.S. alone. This doesn’t include TBT Mexico and the new team in TBT Europe. We will forever be indebted to each and every one of our customers for being an integral part of the TBT team.

Here’s to a great year of racing, and another great year of providing stress-free bike shipping, allowing you to focus on your race.