As mentioned in an earlier post, we launched Team TBT back in 2010. The team has grown to be a great success, but one thing seemed to be lacking. While we were able to keep track of each other’s activities on social media, we realized we wanted something more for the team. So in 2015, we launched the concept of a team race. Now each year we select one race on the calendar and all do our best to attend.

The idea of the team race was initially brought forward as a way of meeting and getting to know each other since the team is spread across the U.S., but it has grown into so much more than that. It has turned into a great opportunity to pick up some training and nutrition tips, make some long lasting friends, have some fun at a cool new race venue, and have some amazing cheerleaders coming through the finishing shoot.

For 2017, we selected IRONMAN® 70.3® Victoria for our team race. So, on June 4th, 20+ members of Team TBT, and 4 staff members, toed the line and dove into Elk lake. While water was brisk at best, it still felt warm in comparison to the chilly air at 6:00 am on Vancouver Island. Thankfully, as the sun rose, so too did the mercury, and by the time most were out on the bike, it was a perfect temperature for riding. For those of you that have raced Victoria in the past, you know that the beauty of the picturesque 56 mile ride is only equalled by the 13 mile trail run to finish it all off.

At the end of the day, we all gathered for a great Italian feast to restore some of the calories burned out on the course, and celebrate a successful race day. This year, the team race was filled with great racing, fun stories, and 5 members of TBT qualifying for the 2017 IM 70.3 World Championship! They will be joining 7 team members that have already qualified...looks like we may end up with two team races this year.