Triathlon is the greatest sport in the world. No other sport provides an opportunity for equal parts competition and comradery against others that are toeing the same start line as you.

Earlier this year the who’s who of the triathlon industry came together to launch Time to Tri ( More than just another tri-focused website, Time to Tri is a commitment from some of the biggest names, and brands in our sport to grow participation from sprint distance races all the way through to Ironman races.

I am proud to say that the team at TriBike Transport has come alongside people like Dan Empfield (aka slowman) the founder of, and organizations like Ironman and USA Triathlon to grow our great sport. We are fully committed to partnering, participating, and investing resources with industry organizations to advance the Time to Tri initiative.

Personally, I committed to work with members of our sponsored team of triathletes, Team TBT, to reach out to their local communities across the country to remove the barriers and get more people involved in triathlon. That can be anything from setting up a group ride, run or swim session, or even things as simple as sharing our experiences to get others excited.

What are you doing to share your passion for triathlon? Share in the comments below and we will give one free continental US fully-assembled transport to our favorite suggestion.

Need some motivation yourself? Check out to learn how to improve your swim, bike, or run, or just to become more involved in this great initiative.

Let’s work together to share or our love and passion for this amazing sport!