Aricle: Mike Levine.

Photo: Howard Lipin / San Diego Union-Tribune

During my days of more serious competing, racing involved traveling from coast to coast, and many international trips as well. Hope on and off a plan fresh enough to race is challenging enough, without the hassle of carting your bike as well.

Back in those days, there was no TriBike Transport to make travel hassle-free. Instead, I was left scrambling trying to digest the best method of getting my bike from one destination to the next. And I tried everything…

  • Bike cases are always an option, but they require varying levels of disassembly which potentially leads to misplacing (or breaking) parts

  • Bike boxes are also an option, but that means rummaging the back doors of a local shop to grab a cardboard bike box and then trying to fit my tri bike into the banged up box and holding it all together with duct tape

  • Thankfully things have changed since those days!

    Recently, my training partner, Kathleen McCartney, introduced me TriBike Transport. Now instead of going through the hassle of dismantling my bike before travel, I simply drop my full-assembled bike off at my local shop and meet it at my destination.

    Reduced stress is key to a successful Kona finish, and TriBike Transport has perfected this process to a science.

    Thank you so much TriBike Transport for making this terminal Cancer Patient’s journey to the World Championship simple, worry and hassle-free.

    Michael Levine

    2017 Ironman World Championship Ambassador Athlete

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    About Mike Levine:

    Mike is a:

  • 1982 and 1983 Ironman World Championship finisher

  • 1994 Tri Fed USA All American Triathlete

  • Current stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Patient on lifetime chemotherapy

  • Selected and competing at the 2017 Ironman World Championship Kona as the ‘Special Interest Story’ Ambassador Athlete by Ironman WTC and NBC