The triathlon bug first bit Keish Doi in 2000. Over the next three years, he completed a number of smaller format races before moving up to an IRONMAN® race in Canada in 2003. Since then there has been no slowing him down. To date, Keish has completed 60 full distance races and 53 70.3s! Along the way, he joined Team TBT in 2009 and continues to be one of our most active racers (no kidding).

In 2016, Keish started to plan his 2017 vacation. He thought, a month in Europe would be nice but wanted to take it a step further than the normal tourist type approach. So he decided to join his passion of traveling with his passion for triathlon and registered to race in four IRONMAN® events as he made his way across the continent.

After registering to race IRONMAN® Switzerland, Maastricht-Limburg, Hamburg, and Copenhagen he began training and prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. Each race offered its own set of challenges that was only compounded by the demands of racing four full-distance races in a short amount of time.

Previously competing in IRONMAN® France in 2012, Keish had some experience racing in Europe but was looking for more. The atmosphere in Europe is more focused on the race and less focused on the participation. In addition, the cites are older, and the roads are narrow and often rougher, which can make for a harder race experience in general.

After its all said and done, IRONMAN® Copenhagen ranked as Keish’s favorite of the four. Aside from being his last race, and the fastest result, the culture of Denmark, the friendliness of the people, and the bike infrastructure of the city made it the most enjoyable.

When it comes to the most challenging, that title belongs to IRONMAN® Switzerland. While beautiful, the bike course was incredibly challenging filled with many steep climbs, fast descents, and sharp turns.

The biggest surprise of the trip was Keish’s ability to not only continue racing with no training in between but that he was also able to finish each race strong – with his last race providing the best result. Going into it, he was concerned his fitness would begin to decline making finishing each race harder and harder, but instead, the opposite was true.

Now back home in Hawaii Keish is spending a little time recovering, a little time training, and no doubt a lot of time planning his next adventure.

Keish, from all of us at TBT, congrats on conquering the challenge and thanks for continuing to be such a great ambassador for our company and our sport.