By Kathleen McCartney

Some things never change on the road to the finish line in Kona - the wind, the heat, the fatigue, and the smile that works overtime in anticipation of running down Ali’i Drive, living your dream...and hearing ...“!” But fortunately, the road to getting your bike to the finish line in Kona has changed dramatically!

For my first Ironman 35 years ago, there was nothing like TriBike Transport (and, no such thing as a tri bike). Instead of the hassle-free process of dropping my fully assembled bike off at my local shop, getting my bike to Kona was filled with stress, frustration and a whole lot of hope.

Thanks to TriBike Transport, gone are the days of searching the back alleys of bike shops for cardboard bike boxes (yes, I really did that), dismantling your bike (removing the seat post, the handlebars, wheels, and pedals), and packing the tools required for reassembly. Also, gone is the stress of just hoping the bike didn’t get crushed, bent, wheels knocked out of true, spokes snapped or bike irreparably damaged when being tossed around by the baggage crew. TriBike Transport has also removed the stress (and expense) of transporting a huge bike box from the airport in Kona to my hotel. This often required upgrading my rental car or finding that one taxi that was big enough.

Since 2004 TriBike Transport is the perfect solution to get your most crucial and valuable piece of equipment to Kona! Now all you have to do is go online, make a reservation and drop your race-ready bike off at your designated area bike shop. TriBike Transport takes care of the rest!

Imagine arriving in Kona to the delight of a fully assembled race ready bike. Now all you have to do in Kona is enjoy all the benefits of your hard work and enjoy every minute of race week and race day!

For a little extra charge, TriBike Transport will even pick up your bike and transition bags post race so you have more time to celebrate your finish! With all the countless hours we spend training, meticulously preparing for every race day possibility, the amount of money we invest in our race and our bike, TriBike Transport’s service is invaluable.

When I came back to race in Kona in 2012 after a 9-year sabbatical from triathlon, I was thrilled to discover the services of TriBike Transport to transport my first ever real tri bike! I’ve used TriBike Transport for every Kona Ironman since my return to Kona (2012, 2013, 2016 and 2017)! All that I have to do is train and prepare for the most incredible race of my life and TriBike Transport takes care of my bike! The service TriBike Transport provides is as important and integral to my race plan as my training, nutrition, and equipment.

I wouldn’t dream of going to Kona without TriBike Transport on my team!

Thank you TriBike Transport in advance of my 11th World Championship and for all of the benefits of your essential service to our sport!

Kathleen McCartney is the 1982 IRONMAN® World Champion and 10-time IRONMAN® World Championship Finisher.