Professional Athletes


Athletes registered in the IRONMAN® Professional Membership program receive special benefits from TriBike Transport. If you are a registered professional, please visit the IRONMAN® Professional Membership website for details or email

Here’s what well-known IRONMAN® athletes have to say about our service via Twitter:

Andy Potts Potts began competing as a professional triathlete in 2003 and was named USA Triathlon Rookie of the Year. He was also the only athlete to break into the Top 100 World Rankings as a rookie.

"Used @Tribiktransport for the 1st time this past weekend (in 2012)- I never want to fly with my bike ever again! #greatservice" -Andy Potts

Meredith Kessler at the Finish Line A former Division I field hockey player and track star at Syracuse University, Meredith Kessler   has earned four Ironman titles since her first pro season in 2010. In addition to her own training and racing regimen, Meredith mentors other athletes and serves as a spin instructor at VeloSF, where her classes at the power-based cycling studio comprise the majority of her own bike training. Learn more about Meredith, her eternally upbeat attitude and her belief in a well-balanced life at

“TriBike Transport embraces efficiency, convenience and professionalism. There is nothing better than finishing up a long race and simply walking your bike a few yards,  then having it hand delivered, with care, back to your local bike shop. This priceless service alleviates worry as well as pre and post race bike setup/breakdown hassle. It's a great feeling to arrive at the race with your bike looking exactly as you left it and race ready! The process is effortless - it is worth every penny.”  - Meredith Kessler

Aaron Scheidies Aaron Scheidies has competed in nearly 200 triathlons around the globe, earning seven World Champion and eight National Champion titles - incredible accomplishments made even more remarkable by the fact that Aaron was born with a hereditary eye condition that limits his vision to 20% that of a fully sighted person. Aaron’s incredible passion and talent are also evidenced through his work as a motivational speaker, mentor and advocate for visually impaired athletes. Learn more about Aaron’s accomplishments and advocacy at

“Traveling to races has become an increasingly hectic experience with stricter airport regulation and the hassle of breaking down and putting together your bike. Try doing this three to four times per month as I was doing and racing became more of a stressful experience than enjoyable. Thank GOD, a genius named Marc Lauzon came up with the idea for TriBike Transport which has changed my triathlon experience back to the fun and fulfilling sport that I came to love. TriBike Transport picks my bike up ready to race and drops it off at the race site safe and ready to go. The icing on the cake is that TriBike Transport has accommodated my larger tandem bike and strongly supports organizations that promote participation by those with disabilities. This is why TriBike Transport is my #1 choice in getting my ride to the start line.” - Aaron  Scheidies