“I’ve been working with TriBike Transport for years, since Marc started the business. Having them transport my bike is very convenient, unlike flying, which is expensive and stressful. I don’t want to worry about TSA mishandling my bike or not repacking it the same way. Nor do I want to bring the bike to the hotel, re-assemble it, take it to the race, and then repeat the process when going home. Whether racing in the U.S., Canada or Mexico -- I like dropping off my bike at my local, trust-worthy shop and having TriBike Transport bring it to the race in one piece - safe and sound. All that I have to do is put on the pedals and roll it back to the truck after the race.” - Cait Snow 6th place, 2013 Ironman World Championship” 

“Being an age-group athlete I’m completely dependent on TBT to get my bike to races. Before working with them, transporting a bike was a complete headache; break the bike down, bring it to the airport, pay oversized fees, rent a big car, drive it to the course and set it up. It’s a complete hassle. TBT is easy. I wheel it to a local bike shop and drop it off. In all my years of working with TBT I’ve never had any issues. If you want to transport a bike on your own – God bless you. But for people like me, I love the service, and will use them till I finish racing.”  - Kyle Welch

"All I can say is, "Outstanding Service" from start to finish!!! I have already spoken to 7 people to use you guys, and I will most definitely use you again!!! Thank you for taking care of my 'Sebastian' (aka bike name)..."  - John S., Pack & Ship customer from Florida

"I have used Tribike Transport 5 times within the USA and once to San Jose Del Cabo (four Ironman and two Half Ironman races).  I've received more than excellent value for the fee that I paid. I flew my bike once to a race and I will never do that if Tribike Transport is going there. If I would have used (TBT), I could have saved some money, eliminated headaches and would have had more time to relax and prepare for my upcoming race. The total financial and emotional costs for flying my bike to that race were far greater (than anticipated). (TBT'S) mechanics at the race pickup site have more than earned my respect and confidence. Thanks again for everything!  - Bob B., Colorado

"I just want to extend my appreciation to (Tribike Transport) for the reliable and effortless experience during my trip to Coeur d'Alene. My bike was waiting for me when I got there, ran superbly throughout the race, and arrived back to my doorstep a few days ago. I will definitely use this service for my next IRONMAN experience. I don't think I will ever fly with my bike again. Very satisfied." - Brent F.

"It’s official; I am registered for Ironman Nice. I would not have registered if TriBike were not going there. That will take one worry off of my mind - and is a no brainer. . . Now all I have to do is plan the rest of it the trip. Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about my bike!" - Stephen R.

"Love TBT. Used (TBT) for IMFlorida last year. It was so easy I put my bike case on craigslist when I got home!" - Gary M.

“I don’t trust TSA. I’ve worked in a bike shop and been involved in triathlon for 25 years now, and I’ve seen too many bikes wrecked because TSA unpacked the bike and did not repack it properly. I’ve seen a $15,000 bike damaged beyond repair because TSA tried to disassemble it in order to scope the frame. I will always use TriBike Transport.”  - Jay Rosenfeld, 8 time Ironman, USAT coach since 1999

"This service was really fantastic, ... because you don't have to disassemble and reassemble your bike. Also, you don't have to lug your gigantic heavy bike box around which is hard!"  - Katie S.

"This is such a great change from the hassle of airports and lugging that darn box around.  Also much easier on the packing frenzy the night before the flight out. I will sleep better tonight!"  - Joe U.

“TriBike Transport embraces efficiency, convenience and professionalism. There is nothing better than finishing up a long race and simply walking your bike a few yards, then having it hand delivered, with care, back to your local bike shop. This priceless service alleviates worry as well as pre and post race bike setup/breakdown hassle. It's a great feeling to arrive at the race with your bike looking exactly as you left it and race ready! The process is effortless - it is worth every penny.”  - Meredith Kessler

“TriBike Transport is an amazing service that makes traveling for triathletes so much easier. They are efficient, professional and great to work with. I can't think of a better way to go!”  - Becky Lavelle