2018 IRONMAN® Canada: 140.6® and 70.3® Transition Shuttle

TriBike Transport is partnering with IRONMAN® to provide a bike shuttle from the athlete check-in at IRONMAN Village at the Whistler Olympic Village, to T1 and the swim start at Rainbow Park. The shuttle will run on Saturday, July 28th.

For IRONMAN® Canada, we are able to transport both your bike and T1 bag. No athletes will be allowed on the shuttle (bikes and transition bags only). Your bike and bag must be stickered for the race, and checked in with TBT before being loaded onto the shuttle.Your bike will be racked in transition on Saturday afternoon for you, there is no need for you to go to T1 on Saturday. T1 will open on Sunday morning for athletes to access their bikes. Here is the fine print:

1. TBT will transport all bikes fully assembled, no need to remove anything. Even your pedals will stay on!
2. The shuttle is available to all race participants (whether you are transporting your bike with TBT or not).
3. Shuttle service will start at 9AM on Saturday 7/28. The last shuttle will run at 12PM that day. Your bike must be to the shuttle check-in location at the TBT Corral in Lot 4 by 12PM. No Exceptions.
4. The shuttle is for one bike and one bag per athlete, and will take bikes and T1 Bags only. No additional gear bags, morning clothes bags, bike pumps, or anything other than your bike, items permanently mounted to your bike, and a single race provided transition bag will be allowed on the shuttle.
5. Bike check-in is complete once your bike is on the shuttle.


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