Bicycle Loss/Damage Coverage

Your Fully Assembled Bike Transport reservation includes loss/damage coverage up to $1,000. Supplemental coverage is available for your bike and bag (if applicable), for $8 per $1000 of the value you claim. If you are shipping a gear bag with your bike, don't forget to include the value of its contents. To purchase supplemental coverage, simply select the desired amount when you make your reservation.

All claims must be initiated with TriBike Transport within 14 days after drop off at the customer's partner shop.

Please note, that TBT does everything we can to keep bikes and bags dry, especially bike chains and mechanical components; but due to the nature of racing outdoors, sometimes these parts may become wet. You should always have your bike chain and other mechanical components lubricated before and after your race (especially for overseas races where return times are longer) to fight against corrosion and rust. TBT is not responsible for surface rust that accumulates due to wet conditions.

Pack & Ship Bike Transport does not include loss/damage coverage, however, additional coverage is available for purchase within the reservation process.

To initiate a damage claim, please fill out this Damage Claim Form. We will contact you within 2-3 business days with more information.




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