1. When should I book my TriBike Transport reservation?
BOOK EARLY! We encourage athletes to book their bike transport reservations at least two months prior to their race. Reservations can be made up to a year in advance once they are published on TriBike Transport’s website (this varies as agreements for each race solidify).

Please be aware that prices will increase by $25 thirty (30) days prior to each event.  We work hard to create routes and pick up times convenient to athletes, late reservations create unforeseen logistical challenges and can result in drop deadline changes for all customers.

2. How far in advance am I required to drop off my bike for TriBike Transport service to my event?
Your drop-off location and estimated deadline will be listed on your reservation confirmation email.  Your drop deadline is based on your relative location to the event and is subject to change until final logistics are published. You can expect to receive communication from Tribike Transport regarding final logistics 2-3 weeks prior to your event. To see current logistics online, go to our Event Calendar page and click on the CONTINUE link for your specific race to find the drop-off schedule and additional details.

3. Where is the closest Partner Bike shop to my home?
Visit our PARTNER SHOPS page for this information. Please be aware that we do not provide service from all of our Partner Shops to every event.  To view Partner Shop availability for your event- go to the Event Calendar page and click on the CONTINUE link for your specific race and our available partner shops will be listed in the drop down menu.

4. What is your cancellation policy?
We offer two options in the event you need to cancel your reservation:
Refund: Refund your transport fee less a $75 cancellation fee.
Deferment: You are welcome to roll your reservation over to a later event. This allows you to transfer your reservation to any future event that we service, with no additional cost or expiration. Your deferred reservation acts as a credit you can use at any time.

5. How are the bikes packed and loaded?
Each bike is covered with a large, extra padded blanket, which provides two layers of protection between bikes. It is then loaded and secured into a fully enclosed truck.  The bikes never leave our possession. Gear bags are stacked separately from bikes to maximize truck space.

We require that the following items be removed from your bike:

Rear mounted carbon fiber hydration systems
Water bottles

6. What is the maximum allowable size of my Gear Bag?
The MAXIMUM allowable weight for your gear bag is 25 lbs and should be about the size of a carry-on bag (12x12x18).  Your gear bag should be a soft sided duffel bag or backpack with no wheels or hard edges.  Please ensure that all items are packed inside the bag and that all zippers are securely closed.  Any bag exceeding size/weight limitations will be charged an ADDITIONAL $50 fee OR will be left behind at the partner shop. TriBike Transport reserves the right to leave gear bags that do not meet our requirements.


We do not recommend packing the following items in your gear bag:

Energy gels
LIQUIDS of any kind
Aero helmets without hard case
CO2 Cartridges*

*Only applies to Over Water events including: Lavaman, IM Puerto Rico 70.3, IM Hawaii 70.3, IM World Championship (Kona). Gear bags cannot be accepted for Cozumel or Cabo due to customs regulations.

7. What is your wheel bag policy?
If transporting a solid DISC WHEEL, your soft sided wheel bag may only contain ONE WHEEL! Even if the bag is built for two wheels.  Anything other than the DISC WHEEL itself that is placed in the wheel bag will void liability on TriBike Transport’s part for damage to your wheel. TriBike Transport reserves the right to leave wheel bags that do not meet our requirements. If transporting additional spoked wheels such as 808’s or 404’s, you may put them in one bag- provided that the bag is designed to hold two wheels. If transporting additional spoked wheels such as 808’s or 404’s, you may put them in one bag- provided that the bag is designed to hold two wheels.

8. Do I need to disassemble my bike or pack it in a case?
No. Your bike is transported fully assembled with a few exceptions:

We ask that you remove the pedals, bottles, computers, carbon fiber hydration system, and rear solid disc wheels when dropping your bike off at your local partner shop.

Please keep anything removed from your bike with you, or pack it in your optional gear bag ($40).

If transporting additional wheels, please pack them individually, in tagged (name, phone number, event), soft sided wheel bags ($25 each). For more information about wheel bags, see question 7 above.

Customers using our Pack and Ship service please click HERE.

9. When will my bike be returned to my Partner Shop after my race?
In general, our return time is approximately equal to the outbound time. For example, if you dropped your bike off a week prior to its arrival at your event, it will take approximately a week to return to your partner shop.
With that said, returns can be delayed due to mandatory driver down days, road conditions or weather. You will receive an automated email from us notifying you of your bicycle's return to your partner shop.

10. My local shop is one of TBT’s Partner shops, yet I can’t find it listed on the schedule for my specific race. Why not?
To make our service feasible, we require a minimum number of bikes per shop, per event, for transport. If a shop is not listed for a particular event, it is because our research indicates that we would not meet this minimum and therefore are unable to cover the costs of the truck, driver, fuel etc. from your area.  As our business grows and our service expands to more and more races, we hope to serve you better.  Keep checking back for updates to our Event Calendar page


11. Why is my drop deadline earlier for international events?

Drop off deadlines are earlier for international races due to logistical concerns such as transit time and the customs process.

12. Can I bring a gear bag to my international event?
We do our best to provide gear bag service to all available events. To simplify customs clearance and avoid potential delays we are unable to transport gear bags to the following events:

St. Croix International Triathlon
IROMNAN® Cozumel
IRONMAN® Austria
Challenge Roth

13. I am located in another country. Do you ship to or from my location?

We provide service from a few Canadian shops to select Canadian events.  At this time, we are unable to provide service from outside of the US to our events. Please check back with us as we continue to research options to make international services possible.

14. Can I transport CO2 cartridges to my event?

We do our best to accommodate the needs of our customers, however we are unable to transport CO2 cartridges to the following events:

IRONMAN® Puerto Rico 70.3
IRONMAN® Hawaii 70.3
IRONMAN® World Championship (Kona)
IRONMAN® Cozumel
IRONMAN® Los Cabos
IRONMAN® Austria
Challenge Roth

15. Do you need the serial number from my bike for international events?
YES!  We are required by law to provide detailed documentation to customs of all items in our possession when entering a foreign country. In order to prevent delays or seizures we must have the serial number from your bike. If you require assistance locating your serial number, please contact the manufacturer or a local bike shop.*

*For custom built bicycles with no serial number, when creating your reservation, please enter your telephone number as your serial number.

16. Do I need to remove my bento box, saddle bag, etc. for my international event?
Customs requires that ALL accessories be removed from your bike.  Including, but not limited to:

Bento Boxes
Saddle Bags
Hydration systems
Water bottles
Tool kits



  • 2XU
  • Blue Seventy
  • Muscle Aid Tape
  • Skin Strong
  • Rudy Project