How it Works

TBT’s service is simple. Our online reservation system allows you to secure a space for your bike to any destination race on our event calendar. We provide two distinct transport services depending on our logistics and event calendar, and your location.

Fully Assembled Bike Transport

The original Fully Assembled Bike Transport service for cyclists and triathletes alike. For an additional fee TBT will take your wheel bag and a gear bag, too!

  • Use the easy online reservation form to guarantee space for your bike.
  • Drop off your bike fully assembled* at one of our conveniently located partner shops, roughly one week in advance.**
  • For an additional fee TBT will take your wheel bag and a gear bag, too!
  • We’ll carefully load your fully-assembled bike on one of our secure, smooth-riding trucks and drive it to your race. In most cases your bike will not leave our possession.***
  • Your bike (and bags) will arrive at its destination a few days prior to race day. Pick-up is at the on-site TBT headquarters, at or very near the Expo and transition area.
  • We'll put your pedals back on your bike and get you on your way within minutes, confident that your custom fit remains unchanged. 
  • Post-race, simply wheel your bike back to TBT for return transport home. We’ll remove the pedals, pack your bike safely and securely once again and return it to your local shop, where you’ll pick it up at your convenience. Sticky sports drink and road grime don’t bother us - there’s no need to clean your rig until you arrive back home. 
  • You're free to relax and enjoy your hard-earned finish - leave the details to TBT!

Pack & Ship Transport

TBT also offers Pack & Ship service to athletes living in areas that our trucks just can’t get to. You’re only responsible for dis-assembling and boxing your bike for outbound shipping and then re-assembly once your bike is returned home. We’ll handle the rest!

  • Ship your bike from anywhere in the continental U.S. Hawaii or Canada
- use the easy online reservation form to guarantee space for your bike.
  • Drop your disassembled, boxed bike off at your neighborhood FedEx.
  • TBT’s trained staff will receive your bike, rebuild it according to your markings, and have it ready for you to ride for the race.
  • Bike pick-up is at the on-site TBT corral or a TBT Partner Venue; at or very near the Expo and transition area.
  • Post-race, simply wheel your bike back to the TBT corral/Partner Venue and they will disassemble, pack it safely, and have it delivered back to the address of your choice.
  • Enjoy the same service and convenience from TriBike Transport that you’ve come to expect.


Fees vary depending on location of event. See our rates

For an additional $40, we will also transport a medium-sized gear bag to most races.**** The gear bag is a great way to ship pedals, helmet, bike shoes, water bottles, wetsuit and Co2 cartridges (continental shipments only).

For an additional $25, we will transport your wheel bag, containing wheels only.

* Pedals, computers, seat post mounted carbon fiber hydration systems, and rear solid disc wheels must be removed. Keep your pedals and carbon fiber hydrations systems with you or pack them in an optional gear bag ($40 fee). Put your rear solid disc wheel in a clearly marked wheel bag and we’ll transport it for a $25 fee.

** Drop-off schedule specific to each event is available here.
***For logistical and/or cost reasons, TBT may use third parties for some portion of the transport.
**** International events and certain other locations are not eligible for gear bag transport. Maximum allowable weight of gear bag is 25 lbs. We cannot transport bags or backpacks with wheels. We don't recommend including nutritional items such as energy bars, gels and powders. No liquids please.




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