A TriBike Transport (TBT) Driver is expected to perform a variety of duties as part of their professional responsibilities. In addition to performing pick-ups and deliveries and driving assigned routes, drivers will assist with on-site event activation.

TBT Drivers are not required to have a CDL, but you are expected to comply with DOT regulations. TBT Drivers must demonstrate an ability to safely drive a truck ranging in size from a 15-foot van with a loading ramp to a 26-foot straight truck with a lift gate.  TBT will train all drivers regardless of experience on both DOT regulations and internal policies and procedures.

During event site activation, TBT Drivers are most often the first and only direct contact with TBT customers, and therefore serve as the face of the company.  At events, drivers unload and rack bikes systematically to enable easy and efficient customer pick up.  Drivers assist in putting pedals on bikes as well as performing minor mechanical troubleshooting as needed.  Drivers may be asked to perform any number of customer service related tasks while at an event.  Following the event, drivers will receive bikes from customers and reload trucks for return transport.

TBT Drivers are divided into two categories:

Regional Drivers are responsible for pick-ups and deliveries in a designated geographic area. Pick-ups are made at local bike shops and drivers routinely interact with local shop employees as a part of their job.  Deliveries are made to mainline drivers in a manner that is safe and timely. In most cases regional drivers will be on the road for 2-3 days at a time and will execute both pick-ups and returns on the same run.  At any given time a driver will be responsible for multiple bikes destined for multiple events throughout the U.S.  It is crucial that no cargo is ever lost, left behind or incorrectly routed on mainline trucks.  On occasion, regional drivers may be asked to make a mainline run or attend an event to assist in on-site event activation. 

Mainline (or Long Run) Drivers are responsible for store pick-ups on a designated route as well as meeting regional drivers for loading and unloading of bikes.  Mainline drivers will most often operate 26-foot straight trucks and log 15-30 day runs.  Mainline drivers will deliver bikes to specific events and be asked to help in on-site event activation during every run.


TBT provides rental trucks, fuel, hotel accommodations and a daily pay rate.  Our daily pay rate varies by experience and region, but most of our drivers make $200+ per day as well as a $40 per diem (reimbursed following the trip).  Drivers are paid twice monthly provided that expense reports, logs and other required forms are submitted properly and on time.  Drivers are employees of TBT and are not independent contractors.

If interested in working with a hardworking group of great people (some endurance athletes, too!), please submit a brief introductory email and your resume to: